Death Thrash Pioneers
Insanity Live Dates
No live dates are currently booked as the band is recording a 4 song demo of new material. The demo has 4 songs "Thorns In The Flesh", "Zero Point", "Veil of Reality" & "Deamonia Meos". The target time for completion is by end of the summer of 2015.

These songs will be part of a full length follow up album to the "Visions of Apocalypse" album out soon on Dark Descent & Unspeakable Axe records. So far there are approximately 10 songs almost complete with more in the works.

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The History of Insanity
Insanity started in 1985 and pioneered the use of the early blast beat playing an intensely brutal style of technical death metal.

The band gained a local following in the San Francisco Bay Area after playing with bands like Death, Possessed, Sacrilege and Desecration the first few shows.

After recording what is known as the '85 live demo, Insanity also spread throughout the world during the tape trading days of the underground after appearing in countless fanzines and on radio shows.

In 1987 Nuclear Blast records contacted with interest of signing the band but the death of Joe DeZuniga 2 months before derailed the bands early career for many years.

More on the story to come...